Letter: Masks, liberty and women’s titles

| 19 Dec 2021 | 11:50

    Letter to the Editor:

    I was confused by the Republican responses published December 17th rgarding the statewide mask mandate.

    Is Gov. Kathy Hochul a powerful, out-of-control tyrant, infringing on personal liberties, trying to control every aspect of our lives, and “strong-arm” us, as Sen. Martucci suggests? Or is she “weak” and “ridiculous” and “incompetent” as party leader Langworthy suggests?

    You know who is “weak”? A person dying from COVID.

    I’m not clear on this: Are our Republican friends and officials recommending we wear masks or not? Get vaccinated, or not? If they are saying it is a personal “liberty” to choose whatever you want to do because that is what they believe in, would they extend this to people who choose to use, or sell, currently-illegal drugs? Are they advocating the elimination of all drug laws in New York State and will introduce legislation to do that soon?

    Finally, let us note Chairman’s Langworthy standard (Republican) operating procedure: never call an elected official, if she is female, by her proper title. Just call her “Kathy” and call her incompetent. Get it? Female, and “in over her head.” Welcome to the 1950’s.

    And they wonder why they keep losing gubernatorial elections.


    Jerry Sander