Justice Farina: ‘There really are differences'

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

    To the editor: Last week the Times Herald-Record quoted me as pointing out differences between my position and the position of my opponent in the race for Warwick Town Justice. Apart from our qualifications, I am retired from full time employment and have chosen not to actively practice law in Warwick. By this choice, I avoid what could be perceived as conflicts of interest. It challenges the concepts of fairness and impartiality when a judge’s clients, potential clients and adversaries appear in his court. At the very least it creates awkward situations for attorneys who must regularly deal with the judge in both of his capacities. My not practicing law also allows me the time and flexibility to create new schedules for court that will better suit the needs of the public. If elected I plan to schedule both day and evening sessions of court and to make other calendar changes which will reduce delays and provide for greater control of criminal proceedings. I know that judicial races do not generally generate much public interest. This year, however, there really are differences. All I ask is that you explore your choices before you vote on Nov. 8. Richard Farina Warwick Village Justice