Jamieson makes his case for Chester council

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

    To the editor: For the past few months I have had the pleasure of doing something most of us often never get a chance to do these days. As a candidate for Chester Town Council I have been out getting to know my neighbors - not just those living on the surrounding streets where I live “on the Sugar Loaf end” of Chester but also those who in the past I viewed almost as distant relatives clustered in the village and on our surrounding Monroe and Blooming Grove borders. What I have found as I wandered my way through neighborhoods and our quiet town are people who, just like me, are worried about holding on to what they had yesterday and hoping they have at least that for tomorrow. I have met young couples eager to make a home here but find themselves priced out of the market. I have met those who have spent their whole life here and now are forced to move due to high taxes. As a fiscal conservative, I will fight to keep taxes down and to avoid taxes being a burden on our lives. I have heard concerns from areas where crime goes unchecked because of a lack of a 24-hour police department. I have seen reports from Camp LaGuardia which scares the life out of me and any parent who worries about murders and sex offenders wondering our streets. I have met our heroes, our volunteer firefighters, ambulance and emergency workers, who are struggling to make a living in the town they proudly protect without any fanfare. As your councilman I will fight for all the above issues and more. This Nov. 8th, I am asking for your support so that we as a town can start planning today for a better tomorrow. Sincerely, Alexander Jamieson Chester