'Inflammatory letter' demands a response

| 15 Feb 2012 | 08:38

    Mr. Steven’s inflammatory letter, printed in the Warwick Advertiser on July 29 begs a logical response. At the core of this letter is not Nan Hayworth’s “no tax” pledge as stated by Mr. Stevens, but an assault on the character of every individual who does not agree with his convoluted point of view. The irony is that the core of Mr. Stevens letter is a complaint about the Republican’s unwillingness to compromise with the current President. It is apparent that Mr. Stevens supports compromise only when someone else is doing the compromising. Implied in his letter is an insistence that anyone who does not completely agree with his viewpoint is uninformed. I am well-informed and believe that a smaller government is better. Speaking for myself, I have consistently voted for a fiscally restricted government, no matter who occupied the White House. Our current government impasse is not a matter of race, or being closed minded, but a matter of ideology. Some see the glass as half full, others half empty. Mr. Stevens insists on compromise from Republicans, but appears unwilling to make compromises for anything himself. Lastly, Mr. Stevens, I also pay all my taxes. And as far as hell goes, personally, I rest in the assurance that the One who ultimately sends us to heaven or hell is infinitely wiser than you. Virginia Peters Warwick