I'm right, you're right

| 15 Feb 2012 | 08:45

    Does Mr. Murray READ the Advertiser? I am very proud of our local paper. It was, in fact, the right wing, conservative viewpoint of several letters in the Advertiser that prompted me (and others) to respond with our differing opinions. I haven’t detected any bias at all. As for “the side that screams foul for not being accepted turning around and viciously assaulting the other for simply holding the conviction of their faith,” I believe Mr. Murray has misinterpreted the objections to Pastor Arnold’s letter. I applaud Pastor Arnold for having convictions and faith. However, his faith is not my faith and should not be taken into consideration when legal and civil rights decisions are made. Do I find Pastor Arnold’s convictions appalling? Of course, I do. Do I believe he is entitled to his beliefs? Of course, I do. Has The Warwick Advertiser been fair in printing opposing viewpoints? Of course, it has. Lisa Cullen Warwick