'Government in the Town of Warwick is alive and well'

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:49

    I encourage my fellow citizens to support Russ Kowal, Jim Gerstner and Mike Sweeton to continue to represent the people of the Town of Warwick. At a time that I see government broken and dysfunctional in America, government in the Town of Warwick is alive and well. Our Supervisor and Council have been doing a fantastic job managing our towns affairs in a most difficult economic time. They have preserved open space, improved our parks, engineered the most convenient public transportation system for seniors and residents at no increased cost to taxpayers, and updated the town’s commercial zoning to encourage business to locate and stay in Warwick. These accomplishments have added greatly to quality of life in our town. Such accomplishments are a perfect example of proven leadership providing positive results. Join me Nov. 8 in casting your vote for Sweeton, Gerstner and Kowal. Thank you. Roger Showalter Warwick