GOP in danger of losing advances among Latinos

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:28

    To the Editor: As an American of Puerto Rican Heritage and lifelong Republican Conservative, I do not view the plan proposed by Newt Gingrich as amnesty. I consider it as a plan with strategic border enforcement and human indulgencies. Although not perfect and not enough for many, it is a plan that should be explored as an alternative to status-quo. Today, unfortunately, President Obama, Democrats, and most of the Republican candidates, those seeking re-election and/or the Republican presidential nomination have not given any true commitment to developing an immigration strategic plan of action. As Republicans, I ask, what do we have today? The airwaves are overwhelmed by the negative bombardment from conservative talking heads. Many candidates, including Michele Bachmann, are spewing "English only" and more. I find this to be unproductive, disruptive, and falling short of helping we reach our "big tent" objectives. If the party continues with its anti-Latino proposals, we will never be able to regain any of our Republican Latino advances within our own community. We will alienate and polarize the Latino electorate. We Republicans must take pride in being the party with demonstrated leadership in diversity through our past policies, sensitivities, and accomplishments, such as many major Latino appointments made during Republican administrations dating back to President Nixon and continued today. The timing is such that we, as a party, cannot and should not engage in any new perceived conflicts with our Latino community. As a Republican American Latino leader I do not endorse or support amnesty. That which is proposed by Newt Gingrich is not amnesty. Rubén Estrada Chair, Latino National Republican Coalition of New York State President, Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Orange County