'Good fortune and pleasure'

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:47

As a thirty-five year resident of Warwick, I have had the good fortune and pleasure to enjoy one of the most precious delights that the community offers - Pacem in Terris is at 96 Covered Bridge Road. It provides an oasis from hectic daily routine to a relaxed arena of books, art and music. It was established many years ago when the Francks purchased a downtrodden saloon and grist mill and converted this into gardens with sculptured objects, small art galleries and provided wonderful musical events throughout the summer. The quality of the musical performances leaves nothing to be desired. Renown musicians come to share their exceptional talents and expose your eyes and ears to an experience you will treasure forever. We are truly lucky to have this right in our own backyard. If you have not had the opportunity to explore this place, I hope you will and come to the conclusion that it is truly one of Warwick’s immeasurable treasures. Suzanne Stanton Warwick