Emmerich and Olsen 'will make a fresh and positive difference'

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:30

    This November I am voting for Kurt Emmerich and Bill Olsen for Warwick Town Board. Our country is enriched by the variety of political points of view when we work together. Here in Warwick we still do know how to work together but the variety of opinions has been essentially limited to one party for too long. That is why I am supporting two Democratic candidates for Town Board who have long records of service to the Town of Warwick and strong interest in its well being. Kurt Emmerich and Bill Olsen are two experienced, dedicated and independent thinking Warwick residents who want to represent all of us. They have given of their time and expertise here in the valley for many years and are highly qualified to help lead us through these challenging times. Kurt is a local businessman and engineer who served on the Warwick School Board for 12 years. Bill is a biochemist with a variety of teaching and business experiences. He has served many years on boards for the village and Town of Warwick and local non-profits. I am supporting Kurt Emmerich and Bill Olsen for the Town Board because they will make a fresh and positive difference. Norma Bennett Warwick