Emmerich and Olsen will add 'to the expertise of our Town Board'

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:56

    Kurt Emmerich and Bill Olsen are extraordinarily well-qualified candidates for our Town Board. Today, two of our community’s most urgent concerns are the conservation of our land and water resources and the development and maintenance of our infrastructure, especially roads, bridges, and waste and water treatment facilities. Kurt has nearly 20 years of professional experience in infrastructural engineering specializing in waste and water treatment and Bill has spent nearly three decades of community service securing hundreds of acres of forest and lake lands for ours and future generations. Through his efforts we have preserved vital watersheds and aquifers. Were it not for him, we would not have the vast Pochuck State Forest, the Cascade Town Park and a cleaner Greenwood Lake. Since childhood, Kurt has worked to plant and preserve trees in Warwick. Both have a proven record of community leadership, Kurt as president of the Board of Education and Bill as a Village Trustee and key author of its brilliantly conceived Comprehensive Plan. They would add enormously to the expertise of our Town Board and to the outstanding leadership of our Supervisor, Michael Sweeton. I’m also extremely impressed with the legal acumen and integrity of our able Town Justice, Nancy De Angelo. Sincerely, Richard W. Hull Warwick