Emmerich and Olsen offer knowledge, balance and experience

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:56

    On Nov. 8, the town of Warwick has an opportunity to place two superbly qualified individuals onto our Town Board. Bill Olsen and Kurt Emmerich combine years of thoughtful and effective community experience with creative and intelligent ideas that have already impacted the past, current and future quality of our community in many ways. Both men combine strong scientific, technical and educational backgrounds with long roots in the community. For those that know them and follow local news there are numerous and important contributions that each man has made to the development of policies and programs that have benefited all areas of our town ranging from Greenwood Lake to Pine Island to the Village of Warwick that have helped to make Warwick into a strong community that we can be proud of. Just as important is the balanced and thoughtful intelligence that both men bring to the Town Board. Both have lived and worked in the town and have demonstrated their intelligence, independence and abilities to create and drive the strong and forceful solutions needed to develop Warwick while working effectively with their long-time friends, neighbors and fellow “Warwick-ians.” Peter Hull Florida