Emmerich and Olsen 'make a positive difference for us all'

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:42

    This Nov. 8 is the date of a typical off-year election. But this year is not typical because our votes will determine how our elected officials respond to the interests of all of us in the town. At the present time, and for some time, all decisions affecting our town have been made by one party. Decisions made, especially during these challenging times, can affect our lives in crucial ways. Do we want a town where we all share the challenges and benefits as a group, or do we allow one group to make decisions without the consideration of other points of view? If we want to be strong and fight for our economic and political well-being, then we need to realize how important it is to vote in this election. Residents of Warwick, I strongly urge you to pry open the closed Town Board by voting for two experienced, responsible and independent thinking residents who want to represent all of us. They have given their time and expertise for many years and are highly qualified to represent us. Choose Kurt Emmerich and Bill Olsen for the Town Board and make a positive difference for us all. Ruth Knoblauch Warwick