Emmerich and Olsen 'have the skills to lead us'

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:49

    In these challenging times, it is so important that we have the best of Warwick as our leaders: People with foresight, experience, and commitment. Both Kurt Emmerich and Bill Olsen have the skills to lead us down the difficult road of constructive change. Kurt and Bill are Democratic candidates for the Warwick Town Board. Both are devoted to Warwick and have given years of voluntary service to help make Warwick an outstanding place to live. They have the expertise we need to grow our businesses and tax rolls. Bill is a retired college teacher and industrial scientist. He recently toured the vacated prison site and envisioned a college or technical school campus, which would bring jobs as well as educational and cultural opportunities. Kurt, an engineer, businessman and part-time tree farmer has long advocated for a food processing facility to help stabilize the economic base of the Black Dirt area. It would bring jobs, taxes, improve land values, and would give our growers options for marketing their crops. At this critical juncture in our town’s history, we cannot regard this as an off-year election but as the beginning of the rest of our lives. It is only by electing people who love Warwick for what it is and what it can be that we can move toward a sustainable future. For this reason, please join me in voting for Kurt Emmerich and Bill Olsen for the Warwick Town Board on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Irene Schacher Warwick