Elect smart conservative businessmen to the Warwick Town Board

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:37

    In recent weeks there have been some editorials in the local paper encouraging people to vote for the Democratic candidates running for positions on the Town Board simply because the current Town Board doesn’t have any. I’d like to add a different viewpoint. Why try to fix a problem that isn’t a problem? If you’re like me, you are probably sick and tired of the divisive partisan politics we are all witnessing in Albany and Washington. The Town of Warwick deserves better, and if you would like to have a Town Board that believes in smaller government, accountability, and the preservation of our agricultural heritage, I’d encourage your vote for Jimmy Gerstner and Russ Kowal. Please don’t vote for them because they are Republicans, but instead vote for them for the right reasons: They are conservative and independent thinking local businessmen that want to provide the best services to our residents at the most reasonable cost. As a voter, I would like to know if the candidate I was going to vote for has the necessary background and experience to be entrusted with the Town’s business, both long term and the day-to-day stuff. I would like to know if a candidate has, or is currently running his own business. In other words, do they have experience in budgeting, handling labor issues, making a payroll, understanding customer’s needs, and avoiding big mistakes like unnecessary purchases or just poor planning and bad foresight. Additionally, having a Town Board member that uniquely understands the area of the community in which they reside but also has a good working knowledge of the entire town is vitally important. The current deputy supervisor, Jimmy Gerstner of the Village of Warwick, and five-year Town of Warwick Planning Board member Russ Kowal of Pine Island both meet all of these qualifications. There’s no need to fix a problem that doesn’t exist, therefore on Tuesday, Nov. 8, I encourage you to vote for Jimmy Gerstner, and Russ Kowal to the Warwick Town Board, for all the right reasons. Leonard M. DeBuck Pine Island