Elect fiscally responsible representatives: Kowal and Gertsner

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:03

    I am writing in support of Russ Kowal and Jim Gerstner’s candidacy for Town Council. As a small business owner and farmer, Russ Kowal understands the tough financial challenges we face. He must budget carefully, meet payroll and pay real property taxes. He is an experienced planning board member. He is personable and listens carefully to the issues he is presented with. He is a past president of the Pine Island Chamber of Commerce and past president of Orange County Farm Bureau; he currently serves on the board of both organizations. He also serves on Board of Directors of the Orange County Vegetable Growers Association. Jim Gerstner is an active member of the Warwick community, having served as Town Councilman for the last eight years and as a member Raymond Hose Co. #2 Warwick Fire Department for 35 years, having served as chief and is the current past president. He is a former coach with Warwick Youth football, basketball and Little League Tough economic times require experience, leadership and the ability to work well within the community. Elect fiscally responsible representatives. Elect Kowal and Gertsner. Bob Krahulik Warwick