'Economic relief. Not higher taxes'

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:17

    Is it worth fixing? asks a recent news story referring to the Orange County Government Center in Goshen now closed until further notice by County Executive Edward A. Diana. Absolutely, it is worth fixing and the time to begin is now. For too many years, the complex has been in a deplorable state of neglect. Recent newspaper photos showing the roof suggest that neglect has been allowed to occur in other parts of the complex as well. The opportunity to address this neglect has arrived with the closing. The County should immediately call for an independent evaluation of the condition of the entire complex. Experts in architecture and engineering who have nothing to gain from the outcome and experts in structural, mechanical, electrical and environmental fields should be called in. They would examine the problems and requirements, propose solutions that are logical, economical and won’t drain the county’s coffers. To demolish the Government Center without a thorough conditions assessment would be irresponsible. By his own evaluation, Mr. Diana estimates the cost to replace the complex at $114 million, bonded over 30 years amounts to $237 Million. That means our children and grandchildren will be paying for this new structure through higher taxes into the future. Jobs are waiting at the site right now to start fixing the Government Center. Rather than talking about demolishing the building and burdening taxpayers with his costly proposal, Mr. Diana should listen to people who need work and taxpayers desperate for economic relief. Not higher taxes. Nancy Hull Kearing of Warwick For the Taxpayers of Orange County www. saveocgc.org