'Drop the Gloves for Evan' thanks everyone

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:28

    Warwick 's community helped “Drop the Gloves for Evan” at last week’s bake sale. We sincerely thank everyone who gave their time, talents and generous donations that made this event a success: To all the loyal bakers who signed up to make delicious items and wrapped them beautifully To volunteers who helped set up and decorate, made banners, worked desert tables for hours and sold raffles. To the Style Council for lending us mannequins for our Flirty Aprons. To Tina Bolich who gave us Giants vs. Eagles tickets to raffle. To Kerri Danaher who surprised us with an autographed ball from Eli Manning. To Park Avenue school, staff and Tom for helping us. To Larry’s Deli for a delicious lunch that was enjoyed by exhausted volunteers. Local merchants who donated items and certificates for raffles. A special thank you to Bernie at ShopRite, it’s because of you and your sincere generosity of donations and delivery service is why you have such loyal customers who all know you by name and smile when seeing you. And to a special lady named Pat, for we don’t know how to reach you ... you might be heaven sent. You showed up that morning just because, and stayed helping for hours. We are most grateful for the residents of Warwick for giving the Kambacks such a warm welcoming of support since moving here just months ago. The Kamback family is touched by everyone’s prayers, kind thoughts and support. Thank you to all, Jennifer DiCostanzo and Donna King