Democrats urge action on government center

| 15 Feb 2012 | 11:19

Editor's note: Orange County Legislator Jeffrey Berkman of Middletown sent the letter below to County Executive Edward Diana. The Labella Report describes the damages to the sheet rock walls and the negative conditions of the synthetic rugs throughout the government building at 255 Main St. It identifies the existence of both active and dormant mold spores and the need for its removal. The Democratic Caucus urges immediate action and implementation of an augmented remediation plan. We see no point or benefit in delaying this work any further. Removal is a necessity for any option chosen for the future. Renovation, restoration and demolition decisions all require removal of the rugs and sheet rock. Additionally, we support the concept of clearing and improving existing on site drainage systems. Efforts to partner and encourage the Village of Goshen for similar activity up and down stream would help alleviate future problems. The Democratic Caucus is looking forward to working with our legislative colleagues and with the Executive Branch in the next phase which includes roofing considerations and more extensive work. Our Caucus is firm in our determination opposing overly expansive and expensive new construction plans which in our view are unnecessary. Please respond to our request for immediate action. Jeffrey Berkman Minority Leader Orange County Legislature