Continuing to be all you can be

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

    To the editor: The Warwick Valley High School’s school newspaper, The Survey, recently ran a full page advertisement with a bold headline reading “How can you be all you can be if you’re dead?” The advertisement’s message is choosing to serve your country by choosing the military is a poor choice because you may be killed. It ends with “Think about it. Before you sign your life away.” I respect the advertiser’s right to say this but I disagree. So do the thousands and thousands of men and women who died gaining and defending the right to say that. I volunteered for the Navy (1978) and served to protect their freedom to disagree with me. I would have given my life and would do it again if asked. What is missing from the advertisement is the answers to questions such as, “How is freedom protected?” and “How do you respond to Evil?” Not everyone you meet will be ready to discuss the issues with you over coffee. Hitler murdered 6,000,000 Germans and Stalin 20,000,000 Russians. If the United States had no military in 1943, do you think Hitler would have stopped and discussed the issues with our president or simply came over and started rounding up people he did not like? Another thing that is missing are letters to the editor in response to this advertisement stating the other side point of view. Call the Warwick Valley High School (987-3050) and get a copy. Send a short letter to the Advertiser or Dispatch. One thing I agree with the advertiser is that there are “other ways to serve our country.” Write to the editor. Tell the community, the High School Class and your children why you served. Mr. Lemay’s letter (Marines) was published in the Oct. 28 Warwick Advertiser. I have stepped up. Who is next? Jim Sutton Warwick