'I watch and wait'

| 31 Jul 2017 | 08:07

    So, you think you are the most “presidential” president but for Abraham Lincoln, do you?
    Truth is, your shallow mind and expansive ignorance is overwhelming and dangerous.
    How dare you put yourself above the numerous, great presidents that this country has elected and embraced since 1789.
    There were many great leaders who proved to have courage, conviction, compassion, integrity, honesty and strategic thinking.
    They were true patriots who served their country and it’s citizens, not their egos, their financial empires and their families.
    They represented both parties - figuratively and literally. They were "presidential." And they did not admire ruthless dictators.
    You, sir, are a “so-called” President. Hopefully, your time at the White House will be extremely short. Your lies, your possible treason, your ignorance, thoughtlessness, out-of-control ego, insecurity, unethical and embarrassing behaviors (and perhaps illegal ones), bullying, misogyny, delusion, ‘tweeting’ and narcissism are nauseating.
    I watch and wait. I know there are Republicans who have ethics, common sense, dignity, compassion and integrity.
    Where are you?
    Your silence is deafening.
    Is your party (and the power it now wields) truly more important than the nation and our people?
    Our nation’s safety and security is at stake.
    Our military members are at risk.
    Our standing in the world has been diminished.
    Basic human, equal and civil rights are being trampled.
    I can tell you that. Bigly.
    Stephanie Hunter Lesky