Bill Olsen is truly a 'good citizen'

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:56

    Bill Olsen came to Warwick 30 years ago with a doctorate in biotechnology to join the team of scientists at the International Paper Research Center in Sterling Forest and in the process found a “hometown,” first living in Bellvale and then the village of Warwick. Being by nature a “contributor,” Olsen quickly became involved in service to his adopted community. Community service seems to be in his DNA. Over the years he has served as director of The Greenwood Lake Watershed Management, co-chair of the Town Comprehensive (Master) Plan, longtime member of the Town Conservation Board, a Village of Warwick trustee, Open Space Plan Committee, etc., etc. Several years ago when his research lab was relocated to a city in Ohio, Olsen went west to “look” but decided he wanted to remain living in Warwick - and we all have benefited. He recently retired as a professor at Ramapo College. In the Nov. 8 election Bill Olsen is a candidate for the Warwick Town Board. He really knows and loves Warwick, is truly a “good citizen.” He is smart, a very positive team player and works for the common good of everyone. Let’s do ourselves a favor and elect Bill Olsen to the Warwick Town Board. John L. Stage Warwick