Barlet ‘sets a tone of fairness'

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

    To the editor: For more than a decade I have had the pleasure of seeing the joy that young families and senior citizens have shown when they purchase a new home and become a part of the ever-growing Warwick community. People move into Warwick and old families remain here because of the type and diversity of the schools, recreational opportunities and scenic beauty of the area. Warwick is also a safe place to live. It is a community where local government continues to be accessible and responsive, and this has a positive effect upon us all. On Nov. 8th the voters in the Warwick community have a unique opportunity to support an individual who embodies all of the qualities which make our community a special place to live. That individual is our town justice, Peter Barlet. When my wife, Donna, and I were married, Justice Barlet not only accommodated our schedule, but he performed the ceremony at our home and freely gave us his time. On the bench, Peter Barlet is equally as caring and treats each case, not as another statistic, but as an individual proceeding. I have seen him stand-up for the rights of crime victims and hold the line on vehicle and traffic and drunk driving cases. He is a man of integrity and sets a tone of fairness and equal treatment in everything he does. In all, Peter Barlet is a unique town justice. He deserves our support for re-election. Jonah Mandelbaum Warwick