An open letter to Congresswoman Nan Hayworth

| 15 Feb 2012 | 08:36

    No matter what kind of “no tax” pledge you signed in order to get elected (by a woefully unsuspecting and probably un-informed base), Republican intransigence and refusal to govern by any kind of compromise - the essence of Democracy- is about to lead our entire country over the cliff. It is, however, very clear to the informed and alert electorate that the real Republican drive is to grind rational governance to a halt in order to deny President Obama any kind of win, including re-election. And all in order to advantage the biggest corporations, their CEOs, lobbyists, lawyers and the richest Americans. Class warfare is exactly what you foment and we know why: Many of your Refusnick Republicans cronies simply can’t get over the fact that a progressive, young, eloquent, intelligent black man won the presidency over a tired and cantankerous old white man. And they have managed to twist everything to a point where those uninformed conservatives will buy into Republican lies, distortions and half-truths (death panels, birthers, crazy religious-driven social bigotry, etc.). Shame on you for being a part of this conspiracy to deliberately gum-up so many elements of the government. We know your declared and cynical ploys to unseat Obama during this national financial crisis will only hurt the vast middle class, the poor, the under and unemployed. All this in order to protect your wealthiest donors and their stock portfolios and bottom lines. You will pay for this diversion from elected duty at the ballot box, and ultimately in Hell. Meanwhile, I will pay the taxes I owe: Federal, state and local. John Wright Stevens Warwick