A naïve decision or deliberate selection?

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:43

    My husband and I both opened The Warwick Advertiser at different times on Friday afternoon, but both, at different times, exclaimed incredulously the exact same thing: “Did you see that picture on page 4?” That picture was the photo of a crop duster spraying pesticide, or poison to be more direct, over Pine Island, and it appeared with no further comment than a “it is that time of year.” Was the decision to publish this picture, over any other picture showcasing the beauty of our wonderful community, a naïve decision, simply based on a romanticized understanding of big industry farming that still doesn’t get that these poisons damage our health and that of the very environment we depend on for our survival? Or should I give your magazine the benefit of a doubt, hoping that you selected this as the most striking picture of the week, to awaken the people of Warwick to the dangers of all Monsanto sells under dubious motivations? In that case, though, please make your commentary more direct so people get it. Now, what was your motivation in the first place? Just curious. Susanne Meyer-Fitzsimmons Warwick