A letter to Mayor Newhard and the Warwick Village Board:

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:39

    Though we are not residents of the village, we often shop, dine and attend events there. We appreciate the convenience and charm of the village and hope it will be a place that welcomes renewable energy. Restricting the placement of solar electric or solar hot water panels seems an undue intrusion on people’s desire to conserve energy and save money. In many cases, there are limited options for siting collectors already. Onerous restrictions would limit these options even more. Investments in these technologies benefit us all, as they help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases. Nationally, they reduce imported oil, improve our balance of trade and make us more secure. In addition, they provide local jobs, both in their installation and in their maintenance. While not everyone likes the look of solar panels, so much of our aesthetic sensibilities are determined by what we are used to. On a roof, thermal collectors often appear little different from skylights. We have become accustomed to electric poles and wires, cell phone towers and parking lots. Though none of these will win any beauty prizes, we accept them for the services they provide. Future energy will depend on a variety of sources, included panels installed on small business and residential properties. We applaud those citizens who want to invest in this kind of renewable energy and hope you will limit red tape in letting them achieve their goals. We believe in Warwick not only as an historic village, but as a forward-looking one. Mary Makofske William Makofske Warwick