A community comes together

| 15 Feb 2012 | 08:36

What started out with myself and Bettye Hill asking the Warwick Valley Gardeners Clubs to adopt a new garden,ended with a community coming together. The Gardeners Club created a new garden for “Our Local Heroes.” From that, the men who lived in the community of Warwick Grove across from the garden decide to pitch in and help in any way they could. Headed by their vanguard, George Younes, a group of men dug ditches, planted trees and mulched with us. Then they decided on their free time to refurbish the old Wish Well. They repainted and put a new roof on it. They got it working and now we even have drinking water for visitors that come to the park or come to see the garden. We also have something very special that one man decided to do. That man is Ed Winstanley, another Warwick Grove resident. He took the old tarnished emblem from that Wishing Well and turned it into a masterpiece. Something that everyone could read, it’s brand new, but has the elegance of old. The Local Heroes Garden and Wishing Well is located on McFarland Drive in Warwick. I am proud to be part of this amazing community. I am proud to say that these are my neighbors. Maryann Peters Warwick