Winter Olympic commercial filmed in Warwick

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:00

WARWICK-Everyone in Warwick is slippery. That’s the premise of a TV commercial that was filmed in Warwick last week for Panasonic Corporation. Of course, Cary Murnion and John Milott, directors from the Manhattan production company, “Honest,” didn’t mean that Warwick’s citizens are slippery in the derogatory sense. And even though they’ve been recently filming at various locations in Warwick, the working title of the 60-second spot promoting the upcoming Winter Olympic Games, is simply “Slippery Town.” Panasonic is a sponsor of the XX Olympic Winter Games, which will be held in Torino, Italy, in 2006. The company’s 60-second TV spots will air in advance of the games. “Honest” is involved in a variety of projects including directing commercials, short films and music videos. The premise of the segment that was filmed at Mt. Peter on Friday, Oct. 20, was that everyone in this fictionalized town is really slippery in the true sense of the word. As a result, they are excluded from any competition that involves sliding or slipping, such as the Olympic Winter Games, where they would obviously have an unfair advantage. So, they decide to compete against each other in a series of contests. And a local character named “Nooge,” played by actor Chris Brown, who never does anything right, finally overcomes all obstacles to become a winner. In the finished product, many of us may recognize a few neighbors, employed as extras, as well as location sites such as the Bellvale General Store. Director Cary Murnion grew up in Warwick and is a graduate of Warwick Valley High School. When Judy Batista, director of Jubilee Presents, heard about the filming, she encouraged her dance students to become extras. “It wasn’t about dancing,” said Batista, “but people who enjoy dancing are ideal candidates for parts requiring agility.” Another actor in the commercial that some may recognize was Warwick resident William Murnion, the director’s father.