Whatever happened to math and science?

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:55

    To the editor: I attended the open forum in Goshen on Sept. 8, held by our well-intended state lawmakers who are seeking better ways to fund our state controlled schools before we bankrupt property owners. There was the usual litany of ideas including an income tax, a sales tax, taxing the rich even more, but the most telling suggestion came from a member of the Warwick School Board. With great vigor and enthusiasm, he suggested that we "tax the churches, tax the synagogues, and tax the non-profits." This misguided individual makes decisions concerning education. No wonder there is a schism between taxpayers and the school system. The run-away public school taxing system has encouraged special interests idealism including self-esteem building, abortion rights, environmental and animal rights, gay rights, the anti-family crowd and those desiring a secular society. What every happened to math, science and the other core subjects? Many of those at the meeting recognized the importance of competing in the global economy so why not competition in the educational economy. Eliminate the state's monopoly on education so private schools can fairly compete with public schools. Lastly, do away with those unfunded state and federal mandates, make them voluntary letting the local communities determine what is best for them. After doing this, we will not have to worry about some nitwit school board member who just wants more taxes from more sources. Stan Mocarsky Warwick