Warwick Varsity Softball Team donates home baked goods to Food Pantry for Thanksgiving

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:20

Warwick — Members of the Warwick Varsity Girls Softball team have been doing lots of fund raising lately to cover expenses for an upcoming spring tournament. But for Thanksgiving, they decided it was a good time to return the favors, give something back and help those in need. So on Sunday, Nov. 20, a talented group of young women from the team gathered together to have some fun, savor the bonding time and help those less fortunate enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday. “The girls felt it to be important to find a way to give back to the community and show support for those who have supported us,” said Varsity Coach Shawn Myers. That day they were able to bake over 30 items including cakes, pies, cupcakes, brownies and cookies. “We wanted to help feed the families in our town so they have a Happy Thanksgiving,” said Kayla Corkum. Her fellow team members agreed. “I felt that if we are asking community to help us with going away for our spring trip,” said Makenna DiGuilio, “The least we can do is bake goods for them for the holidays.” Caroline Seeberg added: “It was an opportunity for me and the rest of the Varsity softball team to give back to the community and it’s a way for us to give thanks for all that we have.” And Micaela Abbatine said: “During the holidays giving to others that are less fortunate is just the right thing to do. Hopefully the treats put a smile on their faces.”