Warwick Valley School Board honors top students

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:46

Board also recognizes retiring teachers at its monthly meeting Warwick - The Warwick Valley School board took time out from its usual business to recognize the achievements of the district’s top students, particularly graduating seniors, with an award ceremony at the beginning of its monthly meeting on Monday night. Students honored Honored were class Valedictorian Caroline Zielinski and Salutatorian Christian Graven. The following students also were given the Spring Superintendent’s Scholar Athlete Awards: Jacqueline Kasal, Girls Varsity Track; Timothy Luthin, Boys Varsity Track; Nathan Sander, Boys Modified Track; Grace Rotar, Girls Modified Track; Timothy Horton, Boys Golf; Meghan Ryan, Girls Golf; Mark Joanow, Boys Varsity Tennis; Nicholas Ruggeri, Boys JV Tennis; Emily Ormsby, Girls Varsity Lacrosse; Russell Broere, Boys Varsity Lacrosse; Bridget Scheinert, Girls JV Lacrosse; Eric Fahnestock, Boys JV Lacrosse; Olivia Oleck, Girls Crew; Dylan Hartwick, Boys Crew; Taylor Bamberger, Girls JV Softball; Micaela Weinert, Girls Modified Softball; Eleni Wechsler, Girls Varsity Softball; Ian Holmes, Boys Varsity Baseball; Trevor Pinkham, Boys Modified Baseball; Patrick Christen, Boys JV Baseball. The following seniors were recognized for having outstanding achievements academically (high GPAs), athletically and for contributing to their community: Magna Cum Laude Caroline Zielinski, Christian Graven, Mark Joanow, Suzanne McShane, Pierre-François Wolfe, Samuel Schenkman, Andrew Stephan, Victoria Dearing, Roxanne Wasiluk and Emily Ormsby. Summa Cum Laude Terry Agbo, Elise Pennington, Samantha Richards, Taylor Pierce, Timothy Luthin, Brian Schnabl, Shanna Wood, Quinn Desibia, Marc Serrano, Nicholas Race, Nicole Victor, Veronica Winters, Chad Uckermark, Daniel Zakzewski, Kyle Dieterle, Lindsay Yates and Kyle Bamberger. Cum Laude Afia Syed, Alexandra Desibia, Jessica Ranni, Shannon Allan, Emily Caren, Jacqueline Kasal, Siobhan O’Brien, Ian Holmes, Stephen Pennings, Eric Wittels, John Green, Russell Zintel, Kelliann Carroll, Daniel Downing, Hailey Randell, Dylan Hatwick, Jaclyn Houlahan, Jack Mackey, Ryan Wengryn, Christopher Grogan, Russell Broere, Natasia DaSilva, Tessa Imbrie, Austin Freilich, Kevin Marshall, Timothy Horton, Ian Sullivan, Nicole Zuyus, Brendan Andre, Andrew Snigur, Jake Witterschein, Mitchell Wightman and Katerina Hamling. Purple & Gold Triple A Team Trophy (Athletic, Academic, Achievement) Sarah Angle, Amanda Bengel, Lauren Brandt, Deirdre Davis, Victoria Dearing, Shayne O’Neill, Taylor Pierce, Shannon Bauer, Mariela Bellido, Tricia Brierley, Charlotte Brunjes, Kathleen FitzGerald, Emily Jados, Jacqueline Kasal, Rachel Knuth, Gabrielle Trimlett and Samantha Wacha. Senior Project Excellence Awards Kathryn Scheinert and Phenicia Davis State Envirothon Teams Amanda Coyne 2nd Place; Kevin Dell’Acquila, Austin Freilich - 2nd Place; Kaitlyn Fox, Hayley Graney, Mark Joanow - 2nd Place; Tim Luthin, EllySteiker-Pearl - 2nd Place; Brian Schnabl, Kerrianne Westphal - 2nd Place. Boys Crew Team: Overall Hudson Valley Rowing League Boys Division A - First Place Terry Agbo, Niles, Arner, Erik Azevedo, Sebastian Belfanti, Timothy Beyer, Alexander Botbyl, Andrew Brown, Liam Brown, Neal Curran, Kyle Devaney, Jacob Dicarlantonio, Kyle Dieterle, Dylan Hartwick, Brendan Jones, Thomas Kates, John Lindstrom, Eric Naples, Kevin Raleigh, Christopher Schultz, Luke Segota, Adrian Silvis, Marco Silvis, Andrew Snigur, Evan Timony, William Timony, Ted VanLuvender Jr., Andrew Walters and Daniel Zakzewski. Middle School Quiz Bowl Winners Matthew Barker, Kenneth “Mitch” Burt, Alexa Castellano, Robert DeFelice, Kyle DeGonge, Tristan Jung, Robert Keane, Jonas Kim, Joshua Koff, Ian LaRoe, Danielle Puleo, Theresa Ranni, Abi Rowe and RJ Zayas. National Science League - National First-Place Award Miles Krupin - Pine Island Elementary / 4th Grade School district supports local young artists In order to support local budding talent, the board purchased artwork from the following students: District Purchase Arts Award Morgan Phillips - Pine Island / Grade 5 Patrick Shea - Sanfordville / Grade 5 Elizabeth Centorrino - Park Avenue / Grade 2 Shannon Selvaggio - Kings / Grade 3 Jessica Buck - Middle School / Grade 7 Diana Reinert - High School / Grade 12 Retirements The board paid tribute to the following teachers retiring after many years of service in the district: Jane Hamburger - 29 years Joan Noonan - 28 years Gedge Driscoll - 25 years Shermane Carter - 24 years Jeffra Emmerich - 24 years Robyn Eaton - 20 years Virginia Kops - 9 years Award The Jodi Denmead Memorial Award was presented to Katie Bisaro of the PTA.