Warwick Valley PC Users Group celebrates 10th Anniversary

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:58

WARWICK - In 1995 more than 120 people showed up for a casual get-together in the Warwick office of WVT Communications, then known as the Warwick Valley Telephone Co. They met to determine if there was enough interest to form a nonprofit, educational organization for individuals interested in learning about computers and exchanging information with others. On Oct. 6, that same organization, the Warwick Valley PC Users Group, celebrated its 10th anniversary with a party held at Warwick Town Hall. “When we formed the group,” recalled charter member George Opper, “we were running 386SX models running at 25MHz with Windows 3.11.” What Opper, who serves as the organization’s Web master, described was a phenomenal evolution in personal computer technology that occurred during a relatively short period of time. “Today, most of us are using Pentium 4 - 3 GHz models running Windows XP,” he said. The Warwick Valley PC Users Group meetings attracted so many people that they had to move to larger quarters at Christ Church’s meeting hall. Later they moved again to Warwick Town Hall where the members still meet today. Anyone interested in improving his or her computer skills and knowledge is invited to attend a general meeting of the group at Warwick Town Hall on the first Thursday of the month. Opper said the group has waived its membership fee for 2005 in order to attract new members. For further information about the Warwick Valley PC Users Group visit its Web site at www.wvpcug.org.