Warwick Valley Middle School Mileage Club goes the first-ever mile to finish its sixth sucessful season

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:09

Warwick — The Warwick Valley Middle School Mileage Club, comprised of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who have made a commitment to exercising and getting fit, completed its sixth successful season. This year, 108 different students took part in Mileage Club by staying after school to walk, jog, or run on the track. They kept track of their laps and miles with Mileage Club cards. After completing a full card of 20 laps, which is equivalent to five miles, students earned necklaces, bracelets or book bag chains with a purple or gold toe token. Members earned a toe token every time they completed an additional five miles. More than 45 students have earned toe tokens and chains. Mileage Club Mile Then on Thursday, Oct. 20, 29 Mileage Club members completed the first-ever Mileage Club Mile Race at the Tim St. Lawrence Track. During halftime of the modified football game, 29 runners competed for their fastest times ever. A young purple wave of shirts flooded the track as they completed their four laps and achieved personal records. The top three runners in each group, who won a large “big foot” Mileage Club foot charm, were: Males: 1. Devon Mendryzycki: 6:56 2. Ryan Pfingst: 7:14 3. Matthew Brack: 7:18 Females: 1. Mia Hicks: 8:05 2. Lauren Desrats: 8:08 3. Anna Costa: 8:09 Other members who competed in the race earned a “10 toes” charm for their chains: Patrick Shea Conor Larsen Christopher Shea Richie Pasuit Evan Brohan George Walton Damon Sinsabaugh Davis Gallagher Malcolm Bolar Connor Shea Brianna Flood Bell Jardine Summer Green Emily Welling Cristina Rivas Olivia O’Connor Chloe Arcelli Shannon Curtin Sophia Amvrosiatos Natalie Manelis Chelsea Quackenbush Meaghan Shea Melissa Hebel Other awards Devon Mendryzycki earned a second “big foot” charm for being the Mileage Club member who ran the most number of laps - 120 laps or the equivalent to 30 miles. Evan Brohan won his first “big foot” award for being the club member who ran the most laps in one day - 20 laps or the equivalent of five miles. Patrick Shea also received a special “big” foot award for completing more than 100 laps this season.