Warwick Valley High School to offer driver education in the spring

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:04

    Warwick — During the spring 2012 semester, driver education will be offered at Warwick Valley High School by an independent driving school. The cost to each student will be $350. Students will be chosen by a lottery system, with seniors and juniors having priority, according to the press release from John B. Russo, the district’s director of human resources and safety, announcing the program, Sophomores will be eligible if spaces are available after all seniors and juniors have been assigned their scheduled times. Information and registration forms can be obtained on-line at www.warwickvalleyschools.com, click on High School, then click on Driver Education; or from John Russo in the District office. The deadline for applications to be returned to Russo’s office is Dec. 21, 2011. Students participating in the program will be attending sessions totaling three hours per week- 90 minutes in the classroom and 90 minutes hours in the car. Driving sessions are also held on Saturday and Sunday. Any student who wishes to participate in the program must have their driver’s license or learner’s permit as issued by the Motor Vehicle Bureau and must be 16 years of age on or before Feb. 5. If you have any questions, call 987-3065.