Warwick science teacher seeks answers to his sons' question - ‘ Where's God?' - in new book

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:45

    WARWICK-Ed Sattler can now add published author to a very impressive and varied resume that includes Warwick Valley High School science teacher, story teller extraordinare, limo and cab driver, part-time tenor and outdoorsman. Sattler recently published his first book, "Daddy, Where's God?" a story he wrote a dozen years ago for his two sons, who were just seven and four at the time. It is the story of a father and his two sons walking in the woods, enjoying nature. The older boy, Luke, asks his father about God. "But I don't see God," Luke says when his father tells him that God is everywhere. Father and son talk about how God is all around us, in the things we see everyday. It is a spiritual awakening for the father. Sattler was encouraged to publish the story by his family members, especially his wife, Debbi. He knew he would be rejected by some publishers—everyone is—so he decided to publish it himself with Royal Fireworks Press of Unionville. Debbi said people take bigger risks all the time, which was enough of a push for Sattler. Debbi was not the only person who knew of this story and gave words of encouragement to Sattler. Other family members enjoyed his storytelling for many years. Even Sattler admits he is a good storyteller, but it was never important to him to expand his audience. He also knows a couple of good illustrators. His brother, Paul, and sister-in-law, Diane, knew the story. Sattler had confidence they would know just how much to show in the book. "I knew she (Diane) got it," Sattler said. "So I asked her to illustrate it. I said ‘I've done my part. You just take it and do the other half.' I gave them no instruction except that nothing should be clear." The illustrations are just that. The images are real but blurred. They perfectly depict the book with a local flavor. The cover is the look toward the Hudson River from Marymount. Sattler's house and children and other family members are included. The Doc Fry Center is there, as is the Old School Baptist Meeting House. So how does a 25-year veteran of the clinical, science classroom come to creative writing? It is an area he has always loved—and has always been pretty good at. That and science. He loves teaching and feels a real connection to the students he has taught. He looks at the reading this Wednesday night at the Tuscan Café as an opportunity for his students, both past and present, to meet in a neutral place and talk about something they don't' discuss in the classroom. "I couldn't think of a better place to have my first local reading," Sattler said. More than likely, this won't be Sattler's last writing endeavor. He already has ideas for his next book, tentatively called "Daddy, Just Let Go!" as well as a series of fictionalized recollections of his stint as a New York City limo driver. But he is not quitting his day job just yet. He loves it too much. "Teaching is a good life," Sattler said. "It's a good way to spend your days." With the book being sold locally—it is available at Newhards, The Bookstore, Greetings and Salutations, and the St. Anthony Community Hospital gift shop, as well as From the Heart in Sugar Loaf—Sattler is also looking for a national distributor and national exposure. But he is patient. It has taken many years to get this story published—he is willing to wait for it to be discovered. "This is my offering," he said. "I've heard from people that it is making a difference for them. That is humbling that people are giving it their time. This reflects my spirituality." Sattler's reading of "Daddy, Where's God?" begins at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 12, at the Tuscan Café on South Street.