Warwick Sanitation supports community programs

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:51

WARWICK - If there is one business in the Town of Warwick that deserves more recognition for service to the community, it’s Warwick Sanitation. It often goes unnoticed but the garbage collection company donates its services to a number of local causes. “We collect trash for the ambulance service at no charge,” said owner Guy Bogart, a lifelong resident of Warwick. “And we donate our services to the local fire companies, churches, the Chamber of Commerce and other non-profit organizations.” During the recent Operation Clean Sweep, for example, Warwick Sanitation came through to pick up the collected debris at no charge to the Town. It’s also hard to miss the bright pink garbage cans standing curbside throughout the Village and Town. And they make a statement on trash-collection day. The man behind those rolling pink trash carts is also Bogart. His customers have a choice of green or pink trash cans but the pink ones let everyone know that Bogart not only supports his customers, he supports the community. The pink carts are designed to raise awareness about breast cancer. As part of Warwick Sanitation’s purchase agreement with the manufacturer, each pink cart represents a five-dollar donation to the American Cancer Society breast cancer awareness program. Bogart has 22 years experience in the sanitation/waste management industry. “What makes my company different is that it is truly local,” he said. “I hire people who live here and I spend what I earn in the local economy. We service only the Warwick area. Our customers are our neighbors.” Warwick Sanitation provides weekly collection as well as the removal of bulk items such as large household goods, appliances, yard waste and other debris. Bogart points out that his main competitor is a huge out of state firm. “I want to maintain an efficient operating size,” he said. “And, as the owner, I like the idea of having the opportunity, over the course of each year, to shake hands with every one of my customers.” For additional information about services provided by Warwick Sanitation call 986-9666 or e-mail: warwicksanitation@gmail.com