Walking path completed and opened in Pine Island Park

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:14

    Pine Island -Pine Island Park is not just for kids anymore. Now parents, too, can enjoy the park while their children play. The town recently completed a walking path around the perimeter of the park, one-third of a mile long. There's no traffic to worry about and you can see the playground area from anywhere on the track. There are great views too. The Pochuck Mountains are seen in the distance, as well as black dirt fields. The park is located on the corner of Kay Street and Treasure Lane just one block off of County Route 1 in Pine Island The town consulted with Warwick Valley High School Track Coach, Tim St. Lawrence, and followed his recommendation to use a natural crushed stone for the surface of the path instead of asphalt, making it easier on muscles and joints. At six-feet wide, the path allows walkers to walk side by side or pass other slower walkers. "This walking path will allow people to have a great place to either take a leisurely walk with a friend or their dog or provide the opportunity for a more intense workout by those that prefer to jog or run," said Pine Island resident and councilman Leonard DeBuck. "The uphill and downhill portions of the path are extremely gentle as well as being wide enough and smooth enough for wheelchair accessibility."