Voters keep Republicans in charge of Warwick Town Board

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:09

Warwick — The Warwick Town Board remains firmly in Republican hands. A majority of voters in Tuesday’s general election decided to retain the Town Board’s 5-0 GOP majority by electing Republicans James E. Gerstner , an incumbent who also serves as deputy town supervisor, and Russell J. Kowal, who was nominated to run after longtime board member Leonard DeBuck chose not to run for re-election. The Town Democratic Committee nominated Kurt Emmerich and William Olsen, men with long records of public service and experience. But a majority of voters rejected the Democrat’s campaign theme that more diversity of opinion was needed on the town board. Supervisor Michael Sweeton and Town Justice Nancy B. DeAngelo were re-elected largely without opposition. Results With all 31 election districts reporting, the unofficial results from Tuesday’s general election were: Supervisor • Michael P. Sweeton: 3,832 Write-in: 33 Town Justice • Nancy B. DeAngelo: 3,609 Write-in: 31 Councilman (vote for 2) Kurt Emmerich: 1,869 William Olsen: 1,691 • James E. Gerstner: 2,648 • Russell J. Kowal: 2,514 Write-in: 1 • indicates winner