Village will keep its bridge

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:51

    WARWICK-Three weeks ago The Warwick Advertiser reported that the village was looking for buyers interested in the bridge removed from Stanley-Deming Park. Sorry to burst their bubbles, but the village is going to keep it after all. The old bridge was replaced by one built by Evan Rotar as an Eagle Scout project. There were two offers for the old bridge: from Jack and Monica Pennings for their petting zoo and another from Pam Rodenbaugh and Danny Crandall, who spoke to Mayor Michael Newhard about buying the bridge for sentimental reasons. Rodenbaugh had her first date on that bridge. "We have decided to keep the bridge," said Newhard. "We can use it in another area of our watershed." Oh well. At least Rodenbaugh will still be able to visit it somewhere in the village.