Village seeks volunteers to update zoning, sit on Advisory Board

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:14

    Warwick-Now that the village's Comprehensive Plan is complete, it is time to bring the zoning regulations up to date. The village is looking for two volunteers from the community to help in the process, which should take about three months. "We need volunteers from the community to update the zoning so it conforms to the Comprehensive Plan," said trustee Roger Metzger. "Two members of the Village Board and two members of the Planning Board will also work on this committee." The Comprehensive Plan was adopted in February by the board. It was the culmination of five years of work, begun with the Central Place Strategy. A comprehensive plan is a guide, according to Mayor Michael Newhard. It is not zoning. Now, the village will look at making the appropriate changes to the zoning, bringing the law in line with the desires of the people of the village. The Comprehensive Plan includes keeping the village walkable and viable. It includes partnering with the town on the annexation policy and protecting the economic and social vitality of the village. The Comprehensive Plan also includes keeping the village's charm and character in the rural setting. A complete land use and build out estimate shows there are 235 buildable acres under the current regulations. This could mean, according to the plan, 505 new residential units with 1,565 new residents. An additional 125,000 gallons of water per day would be required. The same demand would be placed on the village's sewer system. In January, the village commissioned a water study to determine just how much water is in its aquifers. Those results are still pending. Newhard is also looking for volunteers to sit on the mayor's Citizens Advisory Board. This board would convene at the mayor's request. He hopes to have input from a wide array of citizens—young, old, those new to the village and those who have been here for years. Anyone wishing to volunteer for either the zoning committee or the Citizens Advisory Board should contact Newhard at the Village Hall.