Village Board's light agenda makes for quick meeting

| 15 Feb 2012 | 08:52

    Warwick - One resident attended the last regular board meeting before Labor Day and the first of school. With Mayor Michael Newhard and Trustee Bill Lindberg absent from the meeting, the agenda was already small. It got even smaller when Trustee Barry Cheney abstained from motions pertaining to his employer, HDR, and the quorum was lost. Bill Iurato ran the meeting and business was wrapped up in 17 minutes. Delays continue at the Village of Warwick’s Well #2 micro-filtration plant. According to reports from the village engineers, Franchise Contractors missed its June 17 delivery date for the plant’s operation and maintenance manual (O&M). Last December, the board approved a change order that extended the work to March 31, and in March, the board sought a good faith effort from its general contractor to finish the micro-filtration plant. Now that the O&M manual is late, village engineers have new concerns that Franchise Contractors will miss its Aug. 31 contract deadline. Subcontractors have continued to work, and make corrections and adjustments to the micro-filtration plant. Madison Lewis Woodlands Village Park Andrew Brown, a member of Warwick Boy Scout Troop 45, will undertake for his Eagle Scout project a restoration of the 14-acre historic parcel located in the valley and nestled amid the peaks and valleys of the Appalachian Mountains. The property dates back to 1885 when Thomas Powell Fowler owned and occupied the estate; in 2004 it became village property. The planned restoration will include clearing a one-mile trail, building and installing rustic benches and a sign in the parking lot. Brown expects work will begin by October, take 300 hours of labor and cost $200 in materials. In other news The board approved payment of audited bills totaling $209,381.37 The next regular meeting of the board is Tuesday, Sept. 6, at 7:30 p.m. in Warwick Village Hall, 77 Main St.