Veterans join Women in Black at Thanksgiving Vigil in Warwick

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:17

    WARWICK-On a wintry Saturday afternoon, they wound through the Holiday shoppers in weak sunshine through downtown Warwick, holding messages such as, "Blessed Are the Peacemakers" and the single word, "Peace." Holiday shoppers mostly watched with quiet respect, some giving the thumbs up or peace sign. A group of people who had just emerged from G's Restaurant stood around and watched the long, solemn column of walkers. One little girl asked,"What are they doing?" to which her mother replied, ‘Marching for Peace." Last Saturday, the regular Women in Black vigil was joined by a group of Veterans, sympathetic to the message of peace. The veterans were from several historical periods, but two were active during World War II. One of the men, John Stage of Warwick, was part of the infantry which landed at Omaha Beach. Asked what motivated him to join the Women in Black, Stage commented, "I welcome this chance to support the dignified protest which the children saw here today." Another man in the group, Dave Greenblatt of Monroe was in the Merchant Marine during WW II. He wore his Victory medal, adding that it is a little known fact that more merchant mariners were killed shipping essential commodities during the war than sailors in the regular forces. The Women in Black hold regular vigils in downtown Warwick to express their opposition to the country's war policy. One of the women, Roslyn Fassett said, "Especially at this time I feel very thankful for everything we have, but we must remember that very many people throughout the world do not have even the bare essentials for life." Jan Howe added, "We would rather our tax money be spent on feeding hungry people and providing health care than on killing people in far off countries." The vigil will assemble at 1 p.m. at the South Street parking lot in Warwick every Saturday until Christmas.