Town of Warwick summer road re-surfacing begins Monday

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:50

    WARWICK-Town of Warwick highway crews will begin the first phase of road resurfacing work on Monday, July 11. The effort, encompassing more than 36 miles on 24 roadways, is expected to be completed by Labor Day. Motorists are advised to reduce their speed through the areas of these roads to avoid injury to workers and damage from loose stone until the road surface has solidified. Town crews will sweep areas that have been resurfaced after the road has firmed up, removing any excess stone. Here is the schedule: • Bellvale Lakes Road, from the town line to Iron Forge, 18,300 feet. • Big Island, from Wheeler to the town line, 6,500 feet. • Black Rock, Warwick Turnpike to Brady, 6,200 feet. • Brady Mountain, from the village line to the New Jersey state line, 13,250 feet. • Distillery, from Jessup to Pine Island Turnpike, 8,000 feet. • Foley, from Edenville Road to Pine Island Turnpike, 5,000 feet. • Gurda, from Missionland to Liberty Corners, 2,060 feet. • Hoyt, from Wawayanda Road to Warwick Turnpike, 7,720 feet. • Iron Mountain, from Route 94 to the end, 7,020 feet. • Jessup, from Taylor to Sargent, 10,025 feet. • Lower Wisner, from Upper Wisner to Iron Forge, 7,250. • Missionland, from Pine Island Turnpike to Bierstine Farms, 9,800 feet. • Mountainside, from Horseshoe Lane to Big Island, 6,500 feet. • Mt. Eve, from Pulaski Highway to Big Island, 9,030 feet. • Newport Bridge, from Glenwood to Blooms Corners, 15,400 feet. • Old Ridge, from Route 17A to Route 17A, 13,450 feet. • Onderdunk, from Blooms Corners to Covered Bridge, 8,825 feet. • Round Hill, from Big Island to village line, 11,600. • Rudinski, from Missionland to Liberty Corners, 2,190 feet. • Sanfordville, from County Route 1 to County Route 1A, 5,060 feet. • Stage, from Newport Bridge to the end, 1,350 feet. • Taylor, from Jessup to Old Ridge, 4,530 feet. • Waterbury, from Blooms Corners and Edenville Road, 6,100 feet. • Wawayanda, from Route 94 to dead end, 7,040 feet.