Town of Warwick hosts annual re-organization meeting

| 15 Feb 2012 | 11:10

    Warwick — U.S. Rep. Nan Hayworth came to Warwick Town Hall on Jan. 3 to swear in the town’s elected officials including supervisor Michael Sweeton, councilman James Gerstner, judge Nancy DeAngelo, and new councilman Russell Kowal from Pine Island. Michael Pillmeier, chairman of the Orange County Legislature, was also present. As is customary, the town sorted its business efficiently and adjourned. The first regular meeting of the board will be held on Thursday, Jan. 19 at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall, 132 Kings Highway. Compensation The re-organizational meeting also includes the annual listing of jobs and compensation. The town pays its part-time employees from $8.60 to $24 per hour. Here’s the overview for elected and appointed officials: Elected officials Michael Sweeton, supervisor, planning and zoning, budget director, collector of sewer and water rents, local emergency manager, marriage officer: $55,000 Marjorie Quackenbush, town clerk, claims coordinator, sub-deputy registrar, records management officer: $2,575 + $52,790 Floyd DeAngelo, trustee, animal control, police, airport, liaison to Greenwood Lake: $10,800 Mickey Shuback, trustee, audit, water and sewer, recycling, public works, liaison to the Village of Florida: $10,800 James Gerstner, trustee, deputy supervisor, technology coordinator, recreation, cable television regulation, marriage officer, liaison to the Village of Warwick: $10,800 + $4,000 Russell Kowal, trustee, parks, labor management: $10,800 Justices Peter Barlet and Nancy DeAngelo: $24,690 Salaries for town supervisor, town clerk, town board members and town justices have been unchanged since 2009. Appointed officials Jeffrey J. Feagles, Commissioner of public works, deputy local emergency manager: $79,721 William Roe, Deputy commissioner of public works: $52,020 Ben Astorino, Deputy commissioner of public works, planning board chairman: $3,500 + $58,939 Deborah Eurich, Assessor, Star program administrator: $2,075 + $80,580 Receiver of taxes Brenda Faulls: $37,725 Barbara Devine, supervisor’s confidential secretary: $42,197 Town attorney John S. Hicks: $60,000 Deputy town attorney John Bollenbach: $20,000 Robert W. Fink, Attorney for the zoning board of appeals: $7,500 retainer Jan L. Jansen, Chairman of the zoning board of appeals: $600 Town historian Dr. Richard Hull: IRS rate mileage allowance and expenses Deputy town historian Sue Gardner: IRS rate mileage allowance and expenses J. Theodore Fink, planning consultant: • $140/hour planning board application review • $100/hour all other town related work Planning board members: $2,500 each Zoning board of appeals members: $450 each Blanket bond: • $155,000 Supervisor • $2,712,383 Receiver of taxes • $50,000 each for all other officials Veteran fuel allotment The town also contributes $700 each to: • VFW Post #4662 (Warwick) • American Legion Post #214 (Warwick) • American Legion Post #1250 (Florida) • American Legion Post #1443 (Greenwood Lake) • PLAV Post #16 (Pine Island)