Town of Warwick celebrates EMS Week

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:43

Warwick — The Town of Warwick Emergency Services, and many other organizations, recently celebrated Emergency Services Week at St. Joseph’s field in the Village of Florida. The Florida Fire Department showed off its extrication skills using the jaws of life and other equipment to gain access to the passenger compartment of a car. The Town of Warwick Police Department evaluated car seat safety. Bike safety was taught by the Florida Police Department. Greenwood Lake Fire brought over it specialized boat for fires and rescues on the lake and the divers from the Greenwood Lake Police Department were also on hand with their special equipment. As usual, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s canine unit put on a demonstration and the department also provided finger printing of children to ensure their safety. Life Net of New York, an Air Methods Program, supplied the thrills of the day when the helicopter took off and landed. Tours of the helicopter were appreciated by young and old. The Warwick Fire Department was present with its Ladder Truck and Rescue Tripod equipment. Pine Island Fire Department brought its “Unimog” - a specialized truck for brush fires. Orange & Rockland Utilities provided its electrical demonstration and Ken Andrews of VFIS, an insurance agency specializing in emergency services, came with goody bags for all. All four Town of Warwick BLS emergency medical service agencies were present. These services chipped in to supply drinks and cook food for all who attended. Additionally, the Warwick VAC brought its Rehab Unit, a special trailer which is used at the scene of all large incidents where medical care is needed. Regional EMS, an advanced life support unit, taught children how to bandage boo-boos. St. Anthony’s Hospital was on hand doing cholesterol and blood sugar levels and handing out goodies and bags. There was also a blood drive by Community Blood Services. The committee of volunteers was co-chaired by Lona Olejniczak, lieutenant, Florida Fire Department EMS and Frank Cassanite, captain, Town of Warwick Ambulance Corps and Orange County Emergency Medical Services Coordinator. Donations for the day were provided by Warwick and Chester Shoprite, Warwick Price Chopper, M&M Produce, Florida Dollar Store, Central Deli, Quaker Creek, Zircar Ceramics, Inc., Bob Scrabeis and Tom Savaglio.