The many faces of Florida's Halloween

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

Florida - The Village of Florida and the Florida Fire Department and Rescue Squad hosted their annual Halloween Bash last Monday evening and it attracted some very scary, famous and unusual characters. Martha Stewart was there. Shrek, too, as well as astronauts, gypsies, Superman, the Phantom of the Opera and a host of witches, goblins and demons. There were funny and for the most part very original. Event chairman and firefighter Jamie Bricker said the village contributed $700 for refreshments and prizes while the Fire Department contributed the labor and enthusiasm. Jeff Babcock kept the program moving and announced the winners chosen by an experienced panel of judges. Those judges - Marie Pillmeier, Heidi Bricker, Debbie Slesinski and Carol Korey - had the formidable task of picking winners. Following a monster parade through the village at 5:30 p.m., judging took place in one of the large firehouse bays on a decorated stage. There were 12 categories ranging from infants to adults, and it was hard to tell who enjoyed it more - the youngsters or their parents and grandparents. Here is the list of award winners: • Infants to one-year olds: Elvis, Joseph Buchalski; Unicorn, Madison Schreibeis; Spider, Cole Buchalski. • Two-year olds: Lion, Max Hartman; Duck, Adam Finn; Race car driver; Ryan Behrent. • Three-year olds: Monster Truck; Pauson Schultz; Jo-Jo, Alexa Roach; Flower; Valerie Melody. • Four-year olds: Ponies, Susanna and Margaret Mary Misciagna; Gypsy, Athen Mousakas; Warlock, Andrew Kirchar. • Five-year olds: Angel, Victoria Wierzbicki; Knight, Colleen Birch; Lady Bug, Rachael Kania. • First graders: Witch Emily Conklin; Batman, Martinez; Superman, Timothy Thomas. • Second graders: Royal Princess, Allyson Wanczyk; Alien, Cameron Rocker; Mummy, Ryan Word. • Third graders: Astronaut, Michael Kania, Caveman, John Sheriden; Wizard, Gabrielle Gasner. • Fourth graders: Martha Stewart, Samantha Matuszewski; Gazoo, Matt Matuszewski; Old lady, Joey Pillmeier. • Fifth graders: Shrek, Robert Matuszewski; Picture frame, Ben Graley; Pirate, Kiersten Snitchler. • Sixth through Twelfth graders: Rock Roper Scissors, Jacob Weber; Native American, Shawn Howell; Phantom of the Opera, Robert Kerscner. • Adults: Old Couple, Tim and Beth Purta; Taco dog, Diane Matuszewski; Ballerina, Devin Polacino.