The College Board recruits Warwick school chief for educational visit to China

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:03

    Warwick — School Superintendent Dr. Ray Bryant has received a fellowship, sponsored and paid for by The College Board, to join 35 other area educators in its “2011 Chinese Bridge Delegation” that begins next week. This week-long program in China aims to help educators start or strengthen their institution’s Chinese programs and partnerships. According to a press release from the school district announcing the trip, the activities and itinerary are focused on partnership-building, school visits and educational workshops. The Warwick Valley School District began offering Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language some five years ago and Bryant hopes to enhance the program by creating an electronic student pen pal relationship and establishing a system for Mandarin students to share Skype calls and video conferences with their Chinese counterparts learning English. There is also interest in establishing a “sister school” program. The Warwick Valley School Board has approved Bryant’s leave to participate in this College Board sponsored trip. Since the November 7 week of the trip includes two school holidays, educators will miss only four school days.