Talbot's art a special request for film being made in Warwick

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:49

    WARWICK-Port of Call is a bustling place. With its unique home furnishings and original artwork, even weekday traffic here is brisk. This week, though, there was excitement in the air as a movie crew was upstairs shooting a short film entitled "Portrait." What makes the film even more a part of Warwick is not just where it is being filmed. When director Jose Carrasco was looking for artwork for his film, he knew who he wanted to do it - Warwick's own Jonathan Talbot. Talbot is internationally known for his art. His pieces have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art and Gimpel & Weitzenhoffer Gallery in Manhattan, as well as the Newark Museum, Fairleigh Dickinson University and Drew University. When some who know art think of collage, they think of Jonathan Talbot. Puy (pronounced Poo - ee) Navarro is an actress and production assistant who is working on the film. She said the film is about an artist in crisis - he wants to work at his painting, but he is not making money. The protagonist, a merchant, tells him a woman wants him to paint a portrait of her. This enrages the artist who feels that would not be true to his art. In all of the artist's scenes are the paintings of Jonathan Talbot. Talbot painted all of the pictures specifically for this film. He was also helpful in finding a place to film it. "Not only did we have Jonathan's wonderful paintings, he also helped us to get this space to film," said Navarro. "We needed a big space. He helped us tremendously." This film is an international collaboration. Both Navarro and Carrasco are from Spain. The lead actor is originally from London; the protagonist is from Russia; and the director of photography is from Hungary. "We are really having a good time," said Navarro. "That's what it is all about. We are doing what we love to do and having fun at it." The group plans to finish production here in Warwick by today, moving on to additional filming in New Jersey. The finished product should be ready in about three months, according to Navarro, when it will be submitted to various international film festivals. "Who knows?" she said. "It may win at some of the festivals. That is what we always hope for. You win and then can make more movies." Glenn Blumenson works at Port of Call. He is also a musician who has enjoyed having the film crew at his office. "This is absolutely exciting," said Blumenson. "It brings another element of the arts to Warwick." Navarro is enjoying her time here in Warwick, too. "Everyone has been so nice here," she said. "You are so close to the city, yet you are such a wonderful close community. It is wonderful to be here. We have enjoyed it very much. The people of Warwick are special."