Seward homecoming a winner amidst the corn fields

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:55

    FLORIDA-There must be some sort of magic in those corn fields that completely surround the home field of the Seward Spartans and Lady Spartans. How else to explain the metamorphosis from open farm land to a community-wide celebration with pep rallies, a float parade, hundreds of spectators lining Main Street, two soccer games and homecoming dances. Homecoming Day last Saturday capped off "Spirit Week." The first day that really felt like autumn began with a float parade through the Village of Florida, led by grand marshal Gene Stolowski. The high school classes displayed their creativity and spirit with hilarious floats decorated to the theme of "Music Through the Ages." A large crowd gathered on Main Street in front of the school to help the judges pick the best of the four floats. Most of that enthusiastic crowd wended their way to Seward's version of the Corn Maze. Among that crowd were school superintendent Douglas Burnside, high school/middle school principal Michael Rheaume, assistant principal Susan Moore and school board members. Perhaps that community support and spirit does rub off on the players. So far the boys are 8-0 and the girls are 7-1. More telling, however, are the bulging rosters of coach Joe DiMattina's Lady Spartans and coach Bill Steele's Spartans. That corn really is "as high as an elephant's eye" but not quite as high as the school spirit that seems to exist in the Florida School District.