Rowers of varied histories collaborate on Greenwood Lake

East Arm Rowing Club provided classes with experts and then organized a race on Greenwood Lake.

| 06 Jun 2022 | 01:55

A Learn to Row invitation initiated by Greenwood Lake’s East Arm Rowing Club attracted dozens of would-be competitive rowers. The effort culminated in the annual regatta race among several categories of rowers in both 4-person and 8-person shells on Sunday morning, in a 50-meter sprint race on the east arm of Greenwood Lake.

Students who took a six-week, one-hour long instruction on the lake, were eligible to compete in women’s, men’s, and mixed 4- and 8-person race categories led by their in-the-boat coach, or cox, who accompanied them during the race, sitting in the bow of the boat.

Mary Claire Lewis, a retired electrical engineer who now volunteers as an advocate for children in the foster care system, is typical of the student athletes who have varied backgrounds and ages. She has two grown children and lives on a small lake with her husband and two dogs. “I decided to try out rowing for exercise and for fun,” she said.

The East Arm Rowing Club, https://, was established in the late eighties as a center for rowing in the New York metropolitan area. The club is open to both seasoned and novice rowers of all ages for a well-rounded mix of athletes. There are programs for juniors, adults and seniors/masters. The club offers the use of its boats and provides internationally experienced coaches and competitors.


East Arm Rowing Club: https://