Latincsics paces pack in Hot Chile 8-Mile Trail Run

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:17

    Newton's Andy Latincsics led the way to the finish line for 97 runners who completed the 2nd Annual Friend2Friend Hot Chili 8-Mile Trail Run over the weekend in Kitttatinny Valley State Park in Andover. The 38-year old posted a clocking of 49:57 as he completed the challenging scenic course on rolling hills of park roads, fields and single trail paths. The event supports the Sussex County Women's Forum. Nine local runners turned in goled medal efforts in their age divisions. Sparta produced the youngest in 14-year old Alex Collins and the oldest in 61-year old Bon Shutz. Others picking up first place prizes were Andover's 45-year old Mark Frolich, Hopatcong's 24-year old Melissa Kern, Lake Hopatcong's 32-year old Jason Benjamin, Newton's 41-year old Michael Gaughron, Sparta's duo of 49-year old Christine Dennel and 57-year old Barbara Hoess and Tranquility's 57-year old Bogdan Bienko. Picking up runnerup awards were Glenwood's 55-year old John Uva, Newton's 39-year old Daniel O'Keefe and 48-year old Mike Marion, Sparta's 54-year old Bill Bosmann as well as Stanhope's 39-year old Jocelyn Grier. Finishing in thies place were Adnover's 37-year old Jeffrey Pellinger, Lafayette's 42-year old Richj Liptak, Sparta's 28-year old Lucy Jones plus Wantage's 30-year old Rebecca Fitzgerald. 2nd Annual Friend2Friend Hot Chili 8-Mile Trail Run 1. Andy Latincsics, Newton, 49:57; 2. Michael Gaughron, Newton, 53:3; 4. Rich Liptak, Lafayette, 56:15; 5. Bob Schutz, Sparta, 56:22; 6. Daniel O'Keefe, Newton, 56:39; 7. Jeffrey Pellinger, Andover, 56:40; 9. Jason Benjamin, Lake Hopatcong, 57:43; 10. Scott Buckley, Andover, 58:04; 14. Craig Pelizzi, Vernon, 1:00:22; 16. Alex Collins, Sparta, 1:00:33; 18. Scott Hoess, Sparta, 1:01:05; 19. Melissa Kern, Hopatcong, 1:01:11; 20. Bill Bosmann, Sparta, 1:01:20; 22. Mark Frolich, Andover, 1:02:04; 23. Mike Marion, Newton, 1:02:07; 24. Robert Davidson, Andover, 1:02:1; 32. Alex Cable, Newton, 1:04:51; 34. Bogdan Bienko, Tranquility, 1:06:28; 37. Dean Giering, Newton, 1:06:43; 51. Christine Dennel, Sparta, 1:13:47; 53. John Uva, Glenwood, 1:14:41; 56. John Higgins, Newton, 1:16:00; 57. Barbara Hoess, Sparta, 1:16:03; 59. Rocco Percibally, Lafayette, 1:16:26; 60. Jocelyn Grier, Stanhope, 1:17:05; 64. Chris Young, Oak Ridge, 1:18:32; 66. Tim Busbris, Newton, 1:18:51; 71. Vincent Milano, Andover, 1:20:16; 72. Kenneth Gruendig, Greendell, 1:20:49; 76. Susan Jankowitz, Sparta, 1:21:45; 77. Kat Hanson, Englewood, 1:21:46; 81. Steve McNarcy, Sparta, 1:23:57; 83. Lacy Jones, Sparta, 1:24:21; 87. Daisy Rivera, Sparta, 1:26:41; 89. Chris Delagrange, Byram, 1:32:43; 90. James Clements, Newton, 1:32:48; 95. Rebecca Fitzgerald, Wantage, 1:36:36; 97. Tinamarie Montone, Haskell, 1:41:38